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At the past Memorial Day benefit, Past Congressman Mica met with Help The Vets Administrator Director Paulson and applauded what is being done for service Veterans because Washington D.C. is unable to help everyone. "Government doesn't have enough taxpayer money do everything for everyone and we need many good people in partnership to volunteer and step up and help the veterans who have given so much for our Country!"   Congressman Mica praised our Suicide Referral Hotline which is providing referral help for veterans facing PTSD and personal crisis. We are also providing physician treatment through supporting physicians for veterans with physical problems not covered by the Veterans Administration.

Our Combined Federal Campaign # is 78710

Iraq Deaths     

Iraq Wounded         32,244
Afghanistan Deaths

Afghan'n Wounded 20,065

Total Mideast wounded
Source Dept. of Defense

286,000 treated for PTSD
since 9/11
Source Dept of VA

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FORMER US CONGRESSMAN JOHN MICA says "Community-Based Veterans Groups are doing an AWESOME job!" 

US Congressman Webster (standing left, at attention) met with Help The Vets CPT Paul Paulson at a fundraiser and pledged his support for Veteran Groups and Veterans Rights.  Congressman Webster has discussed a Congressional Charter for Help The Vets, Inc. Originally a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor, Webster knows what its like to do physical labor and make an honest living. He originally became active in local government over a zoning issue that prevented his church from getting a permit.  He ran for Congress only upon urging by his family and friends. Congressman Webster said "I am what I am today due to what other people have invested in my life."  Help our Vets and invest in the lives of severely disabled service members who have given unselfishly of themselves for our country!  

Call 855 600-VETS (8387)

"Thank you for providing me with a voucher to get a care voucher with Dr. Bourst which I could not get

through the VA system.  I am not 100% disabled so the VA does not provide this type of  chiropractic

treatment.  My back had been killing me for a long time. I really like Dr. Bourst and was very impressed

with her clinic."  
- Karyn Rinaldi, Retired Navy Officer.

"Thanks for sending me a certificate for accommodations in So. Florida to recover after brain surgery

for an aneurysm."
- Cyndi Seitz, Highland Village, TX, 100% disabled USN Veteran, PSC E-7.

- Lawrence A. Wadford, LT, USN, Miami, FL.   I'm a disabled vet...thanks for your help!!!

“Its now four years since I lay in the dirt, near death, on the side of the road in Fallujah. I’m grateful for all the things I have, and proud of all I’ve accomplished. In the end though, I don’t measure how far I’ve come by goals achieved, or academic degrees earned, or running trophies won. For me, what counts is that pain no longer rules my life.” 
– Derek McGinnis"


PLEASE DONATE TO OUR ANNUAL FUND DRIVE to support our Veterans SUICIDE REFERRAL HOTLINE AND 24/7 ON CALL CHAPLAIN!   The number of Veterans receiving specialized mental health treatment has risen each year, from 927,052 in 2006 to more than 1.3 million Veterans receiving mental health treatment in 2014. We receive telephone calls each month from Veterans in distress!  Special thanks to The K Foundation (2015 2016), The Chrysler Foundation (2014), and The Longview Foundation (2013,  2014 and 2015) for their grants to support our projects.   We also have a friendly "Grandma" brigade of volunteers who will talk regularly to lonely Veterans and a Chaplain on board. 

LETS HELP OUR VETERANS WHO HAVE GIVEN SO MUCH FOR US! We are a non-profit organization improving the lives of Veterans who have given to our country and are the victims of  serious attacks. Combat gear and front-line medicine have advanced vastly in recent years to help our troops, and many more are surviving injuries that would have killed them in past wars and conflicts. This is certainly good news, but it presents long-term, lifelong challenges for our present day war survivors. Quality of life, mobility, employment options and lifespan are often limited much more than hoped.

Spouses, family members, and friends must attempt to adjust to the problems brought home by our injured veterans.  Our injured veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), injuries to the neck, back and spine, disfiguration, traumatic brain injury, and more. It is estimated that 19% of our 1.8 million men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan (320,000) may have experienced a traumatic brain injury during deployment, according to the Rand corporation.  Help The Vets, Inc. is incorporated as a non-profit organization,  registered in all of the 38 States which require registration and with a national board of directors to assist veterans in ways not provided by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and with non-taxpayer funding.   Our CFC  number is 78710.

Amputee war veteran Ted Costello receives a Christmas blanket, thanks to your generosity.

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