CURRENT PROJECTS:  We help all veterans, including those from our recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We help the disabled and most severely injured first.

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2016-17 Shipments of blankets, personal hygiene kits, etc. to help homeless Vets in connection with the VA Stand Downs across the US. 

Call 855 600-VETS (8387) 

“Its now four years since I lay in the dirt, near death, on the side of the road in Fallujah. I’m grateful for all the things I have, and proud of all I’ve accomplished. In the end though, I don’t measure how far I’ve come by goals achieved, or academic degrees earned, or running trophies won. For me, what counts is that pain no longer rules my life.” –

Derek McGinnis 

Some of our current projects we work on, as we have volunteers and resources, are: 

1) Providing a veterans suicide referral hotline.  IF YOU ARE HAVING THOUGHTS ABOUT HARMING YOURSELF OR OTHERS, Call our suicide referral hotline, 407 376-7000. We provided a Suicide Referral Hotline for 365 days in 2016, receiving calls each month for referral to agencies for help.  In 2017 we will work with the VA Suicide Hotline after our office hours.

2) Providing awards and entry fees to veterans who train and compete in athletic events, like the Orlando Marathon, despite impairment.  Please contact us in writing about your disability should you need help with your fees.

3) Mailing letters and packages to current service members and their families overseas, to remind them that they are not forgotten during the Holiday Season, and providing lodging accommodations, as available. 

4) Coordinating with participating volunteer physician providers as they come forward, to provide reasonable, necessary, and related veteran treatment not provided by the Veterans Administration, as available, including non-traditional care, including but not limited to chiropractic physicians, massage therapy care, and nutritional counseling, as the providers come forward.

5) Organizing and sponsoring athletic events, educational events and calls for action to the general public with significant veteran emphasis, participation, memorial significance and relevance; provide education to the public and responding citizens on veteran information through our website, mailings and direct communication.  We host and sponsored the Orlando Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K.  

6) Shipping gifts in-kind to the Chaplain's Closet at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and Ramstein Air Base in Germany where the injured service members arrive from the battlefield, often with only the clothes they were wearing in combat. Please read letter below at bottom of this page acknowledging Your Generous Gifts to cover postage to help the injured combat war veterans from Afghanistan!

​7) We supported the several Veterans' Stand Down by supplying blankets and basic toiletry items for Homeless Veterans.  (See photos, left, chart below.)  In 2016 we supported 20 Veteran's Stand Downs in blighted areas of Michigan,  (See photos, below) No. Carolina, Brevard County, Florida and more...

8) We obtain certificates for hotel accommodation inventory in South Florida and elsewhere as available.  Veterans who mail us a SASE and a copy of their DD 214 can receive a certificate, subject to rules of the facility, with preference for severely injured veterans from the most recent Iraq and Afghanistan wars who need therapeutic time to reunite with their families.

9)  We mail hundreds of thank you cards and notes from people like you, to disabled veterans in VA Hospitals.

In The Future Amputees May Control Movements Of A Motorized Artificial Leg By Thought Process Alone!  Please Click And Read About Advances Supported By A Grant From The Us Army Helping Veteran Zac Vawter.

Current Projects

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PLEASE CLICK on the Donate or Subscription button below or send your donations to our National Headquarters, HELP THE VETS INC.; 1613 E. Livingston Street, Suite 200; Orlando, FL 32803.  We are a non-profit organization and have been granted 501 (C)(3) status, your donation is tax deductible. We can accept donations by Paypal, Check or Charitable Devise.  Please call should you have questions. (407) 376-7000.