Care Packages Being Filled By Volunteers With Donated Items To Send Out!  

Please write to us if your church or organization mails out packages to Veterans or active duty military families and we will contribute to the cost of postage. 

Director terms of Shoff, and Smith are from 1/1/17 to 12/31/18.  Director term of Paulson is from 1/1/16 to 12/31/17.

Advisory Council Members:

Doug Cooper is a positive, disabled person who ran marathons but was severely injured in a car crash.  He helps with registration for athletic events for Veterans.

Captain James Smith  is a disabled veteran who served as a Field Artillery officer in Germany in the 1980s.  He received his commission in ROTC while at college and receives treatment at the VA clinic in Orlando.  He is married and lives in Apopka, Florida. 

MSG Kenneth Wimmer served 27 years in the US army and lives in El Paso, Texas with his wife, Lori, who also was in the army.  Ken is a past director and officer. 

Mr. William Harrington, CPA, is our volunteer link of many years with the Salvation Army. 

Mrs. Mary Heinemann was married to a 22 year Air Force Veteran and will talk to any homesick or lonely Veterans who would benefit from a friendly, encouraging word from a "Grandma".   She lives in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Please call her directly at 205 391-3430

Chaplain Roger is an army brat who's dad was in WWII.  He is an ordained and licensed minister who will help regardless of your faith, 24/7 veterans only please.  763  535-7123

Tiffany Beth DeJong is our web consultant. 

Beverly Burgess is our Grant Writer.

Meet our Directors:

Directors Visit With Two Disabled Marines At The VA Community Center In Medical City, Florida.

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President Sherwood "Woody" Shoff served for 6-1/2 years as an Avionics Instrument Systems Technician/Instructor in the Air Force during the Vietnam era. Following military service he was employed as a technical Instructor by Industrial Solid State Controls, Inc. and as a quality assurance engineer by Bendix Flight Systems Division of Allied Signal Aerospace (both companies are now divisions of Honeywell, Inc.). He earned an A.S. in Engineering and a B.S. in Engineering Management from York College of Pennsylvania, and an M.B.A. in Production and Operations Management from the University of Scranton. Woody is married, has two sons, and is a member of St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Windermere, FL, where he teaches Sunday School. 

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Call 855 600-VETS (8387) 

Rebecca Noland is our office manager.  Her grandfather served in the US Navy during the Korean War. 

Navy Veteran Ron Smith, was disabled during his first year of service. He joined the Navy Reserve right before high school graduation and went to boot camp a week afterwards. Training, up 20 hours a day, pushed him, and collapsed his right lung. The Doctors fixed his lung problem and he graduated from Basic Training.  On a reserve meeting out on the Chesapeake Bay, on a destroyer escort, his other lung collapsed and he was gave an honorable discharge with 20% disability.  Ron helps put on the Orlando Marathon and lives with his wife in Orlando, Florida. 

Board Member Ron Smith helps feed disabled veterans at VA retirement centers.

Captain "Paul" Paulson, Sr. (1990 photo) is a partially disabled Veteran of the US Army for 10 years.  He got a BA in psychology, studied psychology in graduate school, enlisted and graduated from Officers School at Ft. Benning, GA; then served overseas as a rifle Platoon Leader in the 2/4th Infantry.  Injured in training, Paulson was transferred to the Army Reserve. On the GI bill, he attended law school at Florida, and was  Commander of HQ Company, 3396th, a 105 person army reception station in Gainesville, FL. Physical therapy was required at many VA clinics as he treated to rebuild and work through disabilities. He saw a need to help others by starting this group, HelpTheVets.Org , is director of the Orlando Marathon and JAG of American Legion, Post 112. 407 376-7000  He is the office administrator.